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Hi-Span - Cold Rolled Products

Hi-WALL Stud Framing

Hi-WALL Framing systems have been developed to extend the current Hi-SPAN structural section range, providing a lightweight cold rolled system for almost any framing situation.

The Infill Panel System forms a secondary structure that typically sits between each floor of the structural frame. It can be used to support a wide range of external finishes as well as the internal lining of the building.
The system primarily consists of stud, trak and header sections which are held together using a range of tek fixings. Studs are typically positioned vertically at either 400mm or 600mm centres depending on the selected finishes. These are held in place at each end by a trak and a header section which are connected to the main frame.

There is no need for cleats or brackets as sections are fixed together through overlapping flanges with a self drilling tek
 screw. These sections can also be used to form openings and trimmings within the frame to accommodate
 doors, windows and other penetrations that may be required.

The Continuous Panel System is used when the vertical studs are positioned on the outside of the structural frame. The studs are connected via slotted cleats attached to the floor slabs which are in place to accommodate movement of the main frame. The base of the system requires support, usually through a trak member fixed to the floor slab or additional hot rolled member.
As with the infill panels the studs are designed to carry lateral wind loads, along with the axial load of the external cladding system. This system can offer an increased speed of erection when using 150 deep sections and greater, as studs can be supplied in up to 15m lengths.


Internal Partitions use the same principles laid out in the infill panel system allowing partition walls to easily be designed and constructed. The varying array of section sizes across the entire Hi-SPAN range enables limitless possibilities for partitioning office paces, industrial units and even domestic uses.
The system is quick and easy to erect. To save time on site all sections can be pre-manufactured to detailed lengths to further enhance the speed of erection. By taking this approach windows and door positions can also be included saving fabrication time on site.
Both load bearing and non load bearing walls can be designed by our in-house Technical Department. Lintels to doors and windows can also be designed and incorporated directly within the wall depth.

Modular Construction Due to the Hi-WALL systems versatility entire low rise structures can be constructed. By employing similar principles laid out in the panel systems, load bearing wall panels and floor panels can be designed, detailed and manufactured.
Single storey load bearing walls create the external framework of the structure. A series of non load bearing and load bearing internal wall panels are positioned to form the inner framework. By applying flat bracing along the walls lateral stability is provided.
Non-lipped hanger members are fixed to the load bearing internal and external walls allowing construction of floor panels. These are

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